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Apply rectified linear unit activation

Since R2019b


The rectified linear unit (ReLU) activation operation performs a nonlinear threshold operation, where any input value less than zero is set to zero.

This operation is equivalent to:



This function applies the ReLU operation to dlarray data. If you want to apply the ReLU activation within a dlnetwork object, use reluLayer.


Y = relu(X) computes the ReLU activation of the input X by applying a threshold operation. All values in X that are less than zero are set to zero.


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Create a formatted dlarray object containing a batch of 128 28-by-28 images with 3 channels. Specify the format 'SSCB' (spatial, spatial, channel, batch).

miniBatchSize = 128;
inputSize = [28 28];
numChannels = 3;
X = rand(inputSize(1),inputSize(2),numChannels,miniBatchSize);
X = dlarray(X,"SSCB");

View the size and format of the input data.

ans = 1×4

    28    28     3   128

ans = 

Apply the ReLU operation using the relu function.

Y = relu(X);

View the size and format of the output.

ans = 1×4

    28    28     3   128

ans = 

Input Arguments

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Input data, specified as a formatted or unformatted dlarray object.

Output Arguments

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ReLU activations, returned as a dlarray. The output Y has the same underlying data type as the input X.

If the input data X is a formatted dlarray, Y has the same dimension format as X. If the input data is not a formatted dlarray, Y is an unformatted dlarray with the same dimension order as the input data.

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Version History

Introduced in R2019b