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File I/O

Read and visualize automotive data from external sources

Automated Driving Toolbox™ provides several features to read and visualize automotive data from various third-party files. There is a wide variety of file formats available in the industry, which store automotive data in different formats. Automotive data includes data from sensors such as lidars, IMUs, cameras as well as vehicle state information, CAN messages and any other custom measurements.

Velodyne® lidars store point cloud data in packet capture (PCAP) files. Point clouds are also stored in PLY or PCD files. Ibeo® sensors, which are developed by Ibeo Automotive® Systems, create Ibeo data container files that can contain data for multiple sensors simultaneously, such as IMU, GPS, camera, and lidar. ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework) is a data format developed by Elelktrobit that can also store data from multiple automotive sensors simultaneously. HERE HD Live Map (HERE HDLM) is a web service that provides high-definition map data for automated driving applications.

Automated Driving Toolbox supports reading and visualizing data from all the file formats above. Other file formats may require additional toolbox licenses.


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adtfFileReaderRead stream information from ADTF DAT file
selectCreate reader for selected subset of ADTF DAT file data
adtfStreamReaderStream reader for ADTF DAT file
readRead all data items from ADTF DAT file selection
readNextRead next available data item from each stream of ADTF DAT file selection
hasNextCheck if the ADTF DAT file selection has next data
resetReset stream reader to first data item in ADTF DAT file selection
ibeoFileReaderRead message headers from Ibeo Data Container (IDC) file
selectSelect subset of messages to read from Ibeo Data Container (IDC) file
ibeoMessageReaderObject for reading message content from Ibeo Data Container (IDC) file
readMessagesRead messages from Ibeo Data Container (IDC) file selection
readNextMessageRead next message from Ibeo Data Container (IDC) file selection
hasNextMessageCheck if Ibeo Data Container (IDC) file selection has next message
resetReset to first message in Ibeo Data Container (IDC) file selection
velodyneFileReaderRead point cloud data from Velodyne PCAP file
hasFrameDetermine if another Velodyne point cloud is available
readFrameRead Velodyne point cloud from file
resetReset the CurrentTime property of velodyneFileReader object to the default value
pcreadRead 3-D point cloud from PLY or PCD file
pcwriteWrite 3-D point cloud to PLY or PCD file
hereHDLMReaderHERE HD Live Map reader
readRead HERE HD Live Map layer data
hereHDLMConfigurationConfigure HERE HD Live Map reader
hereHDLMCredentialsSet up or delete HERE HD Live Map credentials
rosbagOpen and parse rosbag log file
readMessagesRead messages from rosbag
rosbagreaderAccess rosbag log file information
rosbagwriterCreate and write logs to rosbag log file
writeWrite logs to rosbag log file
selectSelect subset of messages in rosbag
timeseriesCreate time series object for selected message properties
lasFileReaderLAS or LAZ file reader


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