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Scenario Import and Export

Import roads from map services such as HERE HD Live Map, and import and export scenarios using ASAM OpenX and RoadRunner HD Map file formats

Using a drivingScenario object or the Driving Scenario Designer app, you can import road networks from ASAM OpenDRIVE® files and web map services such as OpenStreetMap®, HERE HD Live Map, and Zenrin Japan Map API 3.0 (Itsumo NAVI API 3.0). You can edit the imported road networks, add actors to them, and build scenarios. Then, you can export driving scenarios to the ASAM OpenDRIVE and ASAM OpenSCENARIO® formats.

You can also export the road network and static actors in a driving scenario to RoadRunner scene elements in the form of a RoadRunner HD Map file. You can also export the dynamic actors in a driving scenario to a RoadRunner scenario.


drivingScenarioCreate driving scenario
roadNetworkAdd road network to driving scenario
exportExport driving scenario to ASAM OpenDRIVE, ASAM OpenSCENARIO or RoadRunner HD Map file (Since R2020b)
startRoadRunnerForScenarioCreate and launch RoadRunner scenario from driving scenario (Since R2024a)
getRoadRunnerHDMapGet RoadRunner HD Map from Driving Scenario in MATLAB (Since R2023a)
hereHDLMCredentialsSet up or delete HERE HD Live Map credentials
zenrinCredentialsSet up or delete Zenrin Japan Map API 3.0 (Itsumo NAVI API 3.0) credentials (Since R2021a)


Driving Scenario DesignerDesign driving scenarios, configure sensors, and generate synthetic data


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