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Model Configuration Parameters: Code Generation Verification

The Code Generation > Verification category includes code verification and performance analysis parameters for SIL and PIL simulations. These parameters require an Embedded Coder® license.


Measure task execution time

Measure execution times and generate metrics for tasks in generated code.

Measure function execution times

Measure execution times and generate metrics for functions inside generated code.

Workspace variable

Specify workspace variable that collects measurements and allows viewing and analysis of execution profiles.

Save options

Specify whether to save code profiling measurement and analysis data to base workspace.

Third-party tool

Specify a third-party tool for code coverage.

Enable portable word sizes

Allow portability across host and target processors that support different word sizes.

Enable source-level debugging for SIL

Allow debugging of generated code during a SIL simulation.

This parameter belongs to the Advanced parameters category.


Create block

Generate a SIL or PIL block.

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