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Highlight critical path in model canvas

Since R2024a



    coder.profile.test.hiliteCriticalPath = (criticalPathBlocks) highlights the critical path identified by coder.profile.test.analyzePath in the model canvas. You can also use Code Profile Analyzer app to highlight the paths.


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    Use coder.profile.test.hiliteCriticalPath to highlight the identified critical path in the model canvas programatically.

    Open the CriticalPathIdentify model.

    model = "CriticalPathIdentify";

    Identify the critical path by using the coder.profile.test.analyzePath function and store the results in myResults.

    myResults = coder.profile.test.analyzePath(model,SimMode="SIL")

    Get a list of the blocks in the identified path.

    criticalPathBlocks = coder.profile.test.getCriticalPathElements(myResults)

    Highlight the identified path in the model canvas.


    Input Arguments

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    Blocks in the critical path, specified as a cell array. Use the coder.profile.test.getCriticalPathElements function to get a cell array of blocks in the critical path identified by a critical path analysis.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a