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On-Balance Volume (OBV)



volume = onbalvol(Data) calculates the On-Balance Volume from the series of closing stock prices and trade volume.


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Load the file SimulatedStock.mat, which provides a timetable (TMW) for financial data for TMW stock.

load SimulatedStock.mat
volume = onbalvol(TMW);
title('On-Balance Volume for TMW')

Input Arguments

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Data for closing prices and trade volume, specified as a matrix, table, or timetable. For matrix input, Data is an M-by-2 matrix of closing prices and trade volume stored in the first and second columns. Timetables and tables with M rows must contain variables named 'Close' and 'Volume' (case insensitive).

Data Types: double | table | timetable

Output Arguments

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On-Balance Volume, returned with the same number of rows (M) and the same type (matrix, table, or timetable) as the input Data.


[1] Achelis, S. B. Technical Analysis from A to Z. Second Edition. McGraw-Hill, 1995, pp. 207–209.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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