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Approximate Functions with Lookup Tables

Create and optimize function lookup tables in Simulink®

Using the Lookup Table Optimizer, you can generate memory-efficient lookup tables that approximate functions, subsystems, and blocks. You can also use it to optimize an existing Lookup Table block.


Lookup Table OptimizerOptimize an existing lookup table or approximate a function with a lookup table


DataTypeWorkflow.findDecoupledSubsystemsGet a list of subsystems to replace with an approximation
FunctionApproximation.Problem Object defining the function to approximate, or the lookup table to optimize
FunctionApproximation.Options Specify additional options to use with FunctionApproximation.Problem object
FunctionApproximation.LUTSolutionOptimized lookup table data or lookup table data approximating a math function
FunctionApproximation.LUTMemoryUsageCalculatorCalculate memory used by lookup table blocks in a system
LUTCompressionResultOptimized lookup table data for all Lookup Table blocks in a system


FunctionApproximation.compressLookupTablesCompress all Lookup Table blocks in a system
coder.approximationCreate function replacement configuration object


Optimize Lookup Tables for Memory-Efficiency

Optimize Lookup Tables using the Lookup Table Optimizer.

Optimize Lookup Tables for Memory-Efficiency Programmatically

Optimize an existing lookup table, generate a lookup table from a Math Function block or function handle.

Approximate Functions with a Direct Lookup Table

Generate direct lookup table approximations of functions or blocks.

Replace Functions in a MATLAB Function Block with a Lookup Table

Automatically replace functions in a MATLAB® Function Block with a lookup table replacement.

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Use the Fixed-Point Tool to convert a floating-point model to fixed point.

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