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Fixed-Point Specification in Simulink

Create and use fixed-point data types in Simulink® models

Use fixdt and Simulink.NumericType to specify fixed-point data types in Simulink models.


fixdtCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing a fixed-point or floating-point data type
sfixCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing signed fixed-point data type
ufixCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing unsigned fixed-point data type


Simulink.NumericTypeSpecify floating-point, integer, or fixed-point data type


Fixed-Point Numbers in Simulink

Fixed-point data type and scaling notation used in Simulink.

Display Port Data Types

Three parts of the port display for fixed-point signals: the data type, the number of bits, and the scaling.

Pass Fixed-Point Data Between Simulink Models and MATLAB

Reading fixed-point data from MATLAB® into your Simulink models, and logging fixed-point information from your models and simulations to the workspace.

Configure Blocks with Fixed-Point Output

Fixed-point model creation by configuring Simulink blocks to output fixed-point signals.

Rounding Modes for Fixed-Point Simulink Blocks

Fixed-point Simulink blocks support seven different rounding modes.

Model Multiple Data Type Behaviors Using a Data Dictionary

Example showing how to use referenced data dictionaries to store multiple sets of data types for a model.

Sharing Fixed-Point Models

Data type override settings for sharing and editing a model containing fixed-point blocks without the Fixed-Point Designer™ software.

Data Type Support

Lists the data types supported by the API and discusses the treatment of integers and data-type-overridden signals.

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