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Limitations on range, underflows and overflows, saturation and wrapping

The range is the span of numbers that a fixed-point data type and scaling can represent. Range is limited because fixed-point words have limited size.


Range and Precision

The range of a number gives the limits of the representation, while the precision gives the distance between successive numbers in the representation. The range and precision of a fixed-point number depend on the length of the word and the scaling.

Saturation and Wrapping

Saturation and wrapping describe a particular way that some processors deal with overflow conditions.

Determine the Range of Fixed-Point Numbers

Fixed-point variables have a limited range because digital systems represent numbers with a finite number of bits.

Guard Bits

Eliminate the possibility of overflow by appending the appropriate number of guard bits to a binary word.

Underflow and Overflow Logging Using fipref

Examples of using fipref objects to set logging preferences for fi objects.

Handle Overflows in Simulink Models

Control the warning messages you receive when a model contains an overflow.

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