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Confirm track branch



confirmed = confirmBranch(tracker,branchID) confirms the track branch specified by branchID in the tracker.


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Create a trackerTOMHT system object.

tracker = trackerTOMHT;

Create two objectDetection objects and use them to update the tracker.

detection1 = objectDetection(0,[1;1;1]);
detection2 = objectDetection(1,[1.1;1.2;1.3])
detection2 = 
  objectDetection with properties:

                     Time: 1
              Measurement: [3x1 double]
         MeasurementNoise: [3x3 double]
              SensorIndex: 1
            ObjectClassID: 0
    ObjectClassParameters: []
    MeasurementParameters: {}
         ObjectAttributes: {}


Currently, the tracker does not confirm any track. The tracker maintains two branches.

noConfirmedTracks = isempty(cofirmedTracks)
noConfirmedTracks = logical

branchIDs = info.BranchIDsAtStepEnd
branchIDs = 1x2 uint32 row vector

   1   2

Confirm the second branch using the confirmBranch object function.

confirmed = confirmBranch(tracker,branchIDs(2))
confirmed = logical

Update the tracker with an empty objectDetection object. Now the tracker maintains one confirmed track.

confirmTracks = tracker(objectDetection.empty(),2)
confirmTracks = 
  objectTrack with properties:

                     TrackID: 1
                    BranchID: 1
                 SourceIndex: 0
                  UpdateTime: 2
                         Age: 3
                       State: [6x1 double]
             StateCovariance: [6x6 double]
             StateParameters: [1x1 struct]
               ObjectClassID: 0
    ObjectClassProbabilities: 1
                  TrackLogic: 'Score'
             TrackLogicState: [9.1050 13.7102]
                 IsConfirmed: 1
                   IsCoasted: 1
              IsSelfReported: 1
            ObjectAttributes: [1x1 struct]

Input Arguments

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TOMHT tracker, specified a trackerTOMHT object.

Track branch identifier, specified as a positive integer.

Example: 2

Output Arguments

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Indicate if the track branch is successfully confirmed, returned as 1 or 0. If the track branch specified by the branchID input exists, the function confirms the track branch and returns 1. If the track branch does not exist, the function issues a warning and returns false.

Version History

Introduced in R2022b