Select TLM Generator System Target

To activate the TLM component generation options, select the system target file.

  1. Select subsystem. See Subsystem Guidelines and Limitations for help on selecting a suitable subsystem.

  2. Select Simulation > Model Configuration Parameters in Simulink®.

  3. Select Code Generation

  4. Click Browse on System Target File. Then, follow these guidelines for selecting the correct system target file:

    • With Simulink Coder™ license, select: tlmgenerator_grt.tlc

    • With Embedded Coder® license (Simulink Coder license is also required), select: tlmgenerator_ert.tlc or tlmgenerator_grt.tlc. Target tlmgenerator_ert.tlc allows you to access its additional code generation options using the Model Configuration Parameters dialog box.

  5. Click OK to see the new TLM Generator option under Code Generation.

  6. Click TLM Generator to display the TLM Generation options panes.

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