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Convert Multiframe Image to Movie

To create a MATLAB® movie from a multiframe image array, use the immovie function. This example creates a movie from a multiframe indexed image.

mov = immovie(X,map);

In the example, X is a four-dimensional array of images that you want to use for the movie.

To play the movie, use the implay function. This function opens the multiframe image array in a Video Viewer app.


This example loads the multiframe image mri.tif and makes a movie out of it.

mri = uint8(zeros(128,128,1,27)); 
for frame=1:27
	[mri(:,:,:,frame),map] = imread("mri.tif",frame);

mov = immovie(mri,map);


To view a MATLAB movie, you must have MATLAB software installed. To make a movie that can be run outside the MATLAB environment, use the VideoWriter class to create a movie in a standard video format, such as AVI.