Large Image Files

Read and navigate very large images

A very large image may not fit into memory, which makes it challenging to display and process the image. The bigimage object solves this problem by representing an image as smaller blocks of data that can be independently loaded and processed. A bigimage can support large images with one or multiple resolution levels.

If you want to interact with a large image using the Image Viewer app, then you may notice that zooming and panning actions can be slow, or the image may not load. If this happens, create a reduced resolution data set (R-Set) to improve performance. You can use the Image Viewer to navigate an R-Set image the same way you navigate a standard image.


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bigimageOut-of-core processing of very large images
bigimageDatastoreDatastore to manage blocks of big image data
applyProcess blocks of big image
getBlockRead block of big image
getFullLevelGet all data in one level of big image
getRegionRead arbitrary region of big image
setBlockPut data in specific block of big image
bigimageshowDisplay bigimage object
showmaskShow mask overlay on bigimageshow
isrsetCheck if file is valid R-Set file
openrsetOpen R-Set file and display R-Set
rsetwriteCreate R-Set file from image file
imtoolOpen Image Viewer app

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