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Blocked Images

Read and navigate big images and multiresolution images

A big image may not fit into memory, which makes it challenging to display and process. The blockedImage object solves this problem by representing an image as a collection of smaller blocks of data that can be independently loaded and processed. A blockedImage object can support large images and images with one or multiple resolution levels.


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blockedImageBig or multiresolution image made from discrete blocks
makeMultiLevel2D2-D multilevel blocked image
makeMultiLevel3D3-D multilevel blocked image
concatenateLevelsConcatenate levels from multiple blocked images
polyToBlockedImageCreate labeled blockedImage object from set of ROIs
blockLocationSetList of block locations in large images
selectBlockLocationsSelect blocks from blocked images
mergeBlockLocationSetsMerge block location sets
bigimageshowDisplay 2-D blockedImage object
showmaskShow mask overlay at specified inclusion threshold
showlabelsDisplay label overlay on bigimageshow object
applyProcess blocks of blocked image
countEachLabelCounts number of pixel labels for each class
cropCreate cropped version of blocked image
blockedImageDatastoreDatastore for use with blocks from blockedImage objects