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Get or set active DICOM data dictionary


dictionary = dicomdict('get')


dicomdict('set',dictionary) sets the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) data dictionary to the value stored in dictionary, a string scalar or character vector containing the filename of the dictionary. DICOM-related functions use this dictionary by default, unless a different dictionary is provided at the command line.

dictionary = dicomdict('get') returns a character vector containing the filename of the stored DICOM data dictionary.

dicomdict('factory') resets the DICOM data dictionary to its default startup value.


The default data dictionary is a MAT-file, dicom-dict.mat. The toolbox also includes a text version of this default data dictionary, dicom-dict.txt. If you want to create your own DICOM data dictionary, open the dicom-dict.txt file in a text editor, modify it, and save it under another name.


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Determine the name of the stored DICOM dictionary.

dictionary = dicomdict('get');

Introduced before R2006a