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Image model object from image object


imgmodel = getimagemodel(himage)


imgmodel = getimagemodel(himage) returns the image model object associated with himage. himage must be a handle to an image object or an array of handles to image objects.

The return value imgmodel is an image model object. If himage is an array of handles to image objects, imgmodel is an array of image models.

If himage does not have an associated image model object, getimagemodel creates one.


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Read an image into the workspace.

h = imshow('bag.png');

Retrieve the image model associated with this image.

imgmodel = getimagemodel(h)
imgmodel =
IMAGEMODEL object accessing an image with these properties:

       ClassType: 'uint8'
    DisplayRange: [0 255]
     ImageHeight: 250
       ImageType: 'intensity'
      ImageWidth: 189
    MinIntensity: 0
    MaxIntensity: 255


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Introduced before R2006a