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Extract metadata from DICOMDIR file


DICOMDIR = images.dicom.parseDICOMDIR(filename)



DICOMDIR = images.dicom.parseDICOMDIR(filename) extracts the metadata from the DICOMDIR file named in filename, returning the information in the structure DICOMDIR. If filename is not a DICOMDIR file, the function returns an error.

A DICOM directory file (DICOMDIR) is a special DICOM file that serves as a directory to a collection of DICOM files stored on removable media, such as CD/DVD ROMs. When devices write DICOM files to removable media, they typically write a DICOMDIR file on the disk to serve as a list of the disk contents.


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Read information about the contents of a DICOM folder into the workspace.

detailsStruct = images.dicom.parseDICOMDIR('DICOMDIR');

Input Arguments

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DICOMDIR file, specified as a string scalar or character vector. filename can contain a full path name or a relative path name to the file. The name of this file is DICOMDIR, with no file extension.

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Metadata from DICOMDIR file, returned as a struct.

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Introduced in R2017b