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Get current figure containing image


fig = imgcf



fig = imgcf returns the current figure that contains an image. The figure may be a regular figure window that contains at least one image or an Image Tool window.

If none of the figures currently open contains an image, then imgcf creates a new figure.


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Open an image in an Image Tool window.

I = imread('strawberries.jpg');

Use the handle of a figure containing an Image Tool window to center the window on the screen.

sz = get(groot,'ScreenSize');
pos = get(imgcf,'Position');
pos = [(sz(3)-pos(3))/2 (sz(4)-pos(4))/2 pos(3) pos(4)];

Output Arguments

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Current figure containing an image, returned as a figure object.


  • imgcf can be useful in getting the figure used by the Image Tool. You cannot retrieve the tool figure using gcf.

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Introduced before R2006a