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Get Application Programmer Interface (API) for handle


API = iptgetapi(h)



API = iptgetapi(h) returns the API structure of an interactive modular tool with handle h.


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Display an image in a figure window.

hFig = figure('Toolbar','none','Menubar','none');
hIm = imshow('tape.png');

Add a Scroll Panel tool to the figure.

hSP = imscrollpanel(hFig,hIm);

Get the API associated with the Scroll Panel tool.

api = iptgetapi(hSP);

Use the API to magnify the image by 200%.


Input Arguments

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Handle to an interactive modular tool such as an imdistline, imline, immagbox, or imscrollpanel.

Output Arguments

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Handle API, returned as a struct whose fields are the function handles that belong to the interactive modular tool h. If h is not a handle to an interactive modular tool, then API is returned as an empty array, [].

Introduced before R2006a