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Create rectangularly bounded drag constraint function


fcn = makeConstrainToRectFcn(type, xlim, ylim)


fcn = makeConstrainToRectFcn(type, xlim, ylim) creates a position constraint function for draggable tools of a given type, where type is one of the following values: 'imellipse', 'imfreehand', 'imline', 'impoint', 'impoly', or 'imrect'. The rectangular boundaries of the position constraint function are described by the vectors xlim and ylim where xlim = [xmin xmax] and ylim = [ymin ymax].


Constrain drag of impoint within axes limits.

figure, plot(1:10);
h = impoint(gca,2,6);
api = iptgetapi(h);
fcn = makeConstrainToRectFcn('impoint',get(gca,'XLim'),...

Introduced in R2006a