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VISA Interface

Communicate with instruments that support the VISA standard

You can use the VISA interface with a variety of types of interfaces, such as TCP/IP, USB, GPIB, and others. You create a visadev object using arguments that determine the type of interface you are communicating over. For example, for a VISA-GPIB object, the visadev function takes a VISA resource string that includes the board index and address.


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visadevlistList available VISA resources
visadevCreate connection to device using VISA
configureTerminatorSet terminator for ASCII string communication with VISA resource
visastatusCheck status of VISA resource
visatriggerSend trigger to GPIB or VXI instruments
readRead data from VISA resource
readlineRead line of ASCII string data from VISA resource
readbinblockRead one binblock of data from VISA resource
writeWrite data to VISA resource
writelineWrite line of ASCII data to VISA resource
writebinblockWrite one binblock of data to VISA resource
writereadWrite command to VISA resource and read response
flushClear buffers for communication with VISA resource
setDTRSet serial DTR pin
setRTSSet serial RTS pin
getpinstatusGet serial pin status


VISA ExplorerConnect to and communicate with instruments over VISA


Connect to and Configure VISA Interfaces

Communicate with VISA Resource


Troubleshooting VISA Interface

Troubleshoot the VISA interface.

Resolve VISA Connection Errors

Troubleshoot connecting to a device using VISA.

Resolve VISA Warning: Unable to Read Any Data

Troubleshoot when you receive some data and you get the warning message: 'visadev' unable to read any data.

Resolve VISA Warning: Unable to Read All Data

Troubleshoot when you receive some data and you get the warning message: 'visadev' unable to read all requested data.