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Find points enclosed by cuboid model

Renamed from findPointsInsideCuboid in R2024a



indices = findPointsInModel(model,ptCloudIn) returns the linear indices of the points enclosed by a cuboid model, model, in an input point cloud, ptCloudIn.


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Extract points enclosed by a cuboid model in a point cloud. Create the cuboid model as a cuboidModel object.

Read point cloud data into the workspace.

ptCloudIn = pcread('highwayScene.pcd');

Define a cuboid model as a cuboidModel object.

params = [11.4873085 8.59969 -1.613766 3.6712 1.3220...
    1.75755, 0, 0, 0.017451];
model = cuboidModel(params);

Find the points inside the cuboid.

indices = findPointsInModel(model,ptCloudIn);

Select the corresponding points in the input point cloud.

cubPtCloud = select(ptCloudIn,indices);

Plot the point cloud and the points enclosed by the cuboid.

xlim([-20 30])
ylim([-20 40])
legend("Input Point Cloud","Enclosed Points",'TextColor',[1 1 1])

Input Arguments

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Cuboid model, specified as a cuboidModel object.

Point cloud, specified as a pointCloud object.

Output Arguments

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Indices of enclosed points, returned as an N-element column vector. N is the number of enclosed points. Use the select function to select the corresponding points in the input point cloud ptCloudIn.

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Version History

Introduced in R2020b

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