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Create label definitions table from label definition creator object for lidar workflow



    labelDefs = create(ldc) creates a label definitions table, labelDefs, from the labelDefinitionCreatorLidar object ldc. You can import the labelDefs table into the Lidar Labeler app to label ground truth lidar data.


    Create Label Definitions Table from Label Definition Creator for Lidar Workflow

    Create an empty labelDefinitionCreatorLidar object.

    ldc = labelDefinitionCreatorLidar;
    Add a Cuboid label, Vehicle, to the label definition creator object.

    addLabel(ldc, 'Vehicle', 'Cuboid', 'Description', 'Use this label for Cars and buses.')

    Add a logical attribute, IsCar, to the Vehicle label.

    addAttribute(ldc,'Vehicle','IsCar','logical',true,'Description','Type of vehicle')

    Create a label definitions table from the definitions stored in the object.

    labelDefs = create(ldc)
    labelDefs =
      1×6 table
           Name         Type     LabelColor     Group                   Description                   Hierarchy  
        ___________    ______    __________    ________    ______________________________________    ____________
        {'Vehicle'}    Cuboid    {0×0 char}    {'None'}    {'Use this label for Cars and buses.'}    {1×1 struct}

    Input Arguments

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    Label definition creator for the lidar workflow, specified as a labelDefinitionCreatorLidar object. The object defines the labels and attributes used for generating the label definitions table labelDefs.

    Output Arguments

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    Label definitions, returned as a table with up to eight columns. The possible columns are Name, Type, Group, Description, LabelColor, and Hierarchy. This table contains the definitions and attributes of labels used for labeling ground truth lidar data. For more details, see the labelDefinitions property of the groundTruthLidar object.

    Introduced in R2020b