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NB-IoT downlink shared channel


cwout = lteNDLSCH(outlen,trblkin)



cwout = lteNDLSCH(outlen,trblkin) applies the complete NB-IoT downlink shared channel (DL-SCH) transport channel coding chain to the input data, trblkin, and returns the codeword in cwout. The encoding process includes type-24A CRC calculation, convolutional encoding, and rate matching. This function applies to a single transport block.


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Generate 960 NB-IoT DL-SCH codeword bits with a transport block.

Set the transport block length to 208 and the output codeword length to 960. Generate the transport block information bits as a random binary sequence.

trblklen = 208;
outlen = 960;
trblkin = randi([0 1],trblklen,1);

Generate the 960 NB-IoT DL-SCH codeword bits given the transport block information bits and the output codeword length.

cw = lteNDLSCH(outlen,trblkin);

Input Arguments

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Codeword length, specified as a nonnegative integer. outlen represents the NPDSCH capacity for the associated codeword and the lengths of the vector in cwout. The input transport blocks are rate-matched to the codeword length.

Transport block information bits to be encoded, specified as a numeric vector.

Data Types: int8 | double

Output Arguments

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DL-SCH encoded codewords, returned as a numeric column vector of size outlen.

Data Types: int8

Introduced in R2018a