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Return dynamic property names of geographic or planar vector



names = fieldnames(v) returns the names of the dynamic properties of geographic or planar vector v.


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Create a mapshape vector.

ms = mapshape(shaperead('tsunamis.shp'));

Display all dynamic properties of the mapshape vector. The displayed properties exclude the Collection properties Geometry and Metadata and the required mapshape Vertex properties X and Y.

ans = 18x1 cell
    {'Year'       }
    {'Month'      }
    {'Day'        }
    {'Hour'       }
    {'Minute'     }
    {'Second'     }
    {'Val_Code'   }
    {'Validity'   }
    {'Cause_Code' }
    {'Cause'      }
    {'Eq_Mag'     }
    {'Country'    }
    {'Location'   }
    {'Max_Height' }
    {'Iida_Mag'   }
    {'Intensity'  }
    {'Num_Deaths' }

Input Arguments

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Geographic or planar vector, specified as a geopoint, geoshape, mappoint, or mapshape object.

Output Arguments

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Names of dynamic properties of vector v, returned as a cell array.

Version History

Introduced in R2012a

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