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Configure Group-Based Authorization in MATLAB Online Server

Authorization is the process of granting users access to resources based on certain criteria, such as the group they belong to (group-based authorization) or the action they are performing (policy-based authorization). MATLAB® Online Server™ supports group-based authorization, which controls the user groups that can access the MATLAB configurations running on the server.

To configure group-based authorization in MATLAB Online Server, you must update these microservices:

  1. In the authentication service, authnz, configure access to the user groups defined in your organization's identity provider (IdP).

  2. In the MATLAB pool service, matlab-pool, configure the user groups that can access MATLAB.


  • MATLAB Online Server is installed. See Installation.

  • Your organization's IdP is integrated with MATLAB Online Server. To configure MATLAB Online Server to work with your IdP, see Configure User Authentication in MATLAB Online Server.

  • You know which groups are allowed to access MATLAB. To get information about your organization's groups, contact your organization's directory services administrator or MATLAB administrator.

Configure Groups in Authentication Service

Configure the authnz service to obtain information about the groups specified in your IdP.

In a plain-text editor, open the authnz.yaml configuration file.

  • server_root is the root folder of your MATLAB Online Server installation. For example: matlab_online_server

  • cluster is the name of your Kubernetes® cluster. For example: matlab-online-server

  • namespace is the Kubernetes namespace you used to deploy MATLAB Online Server. For example: mathworks

In the subjectAttributeMapping section of your identity provider configuration, locate the groups field. In this field, specify the name of the attribute in your IdP that contains the groups your organization uses (for example, "groups" or "roles"). Enclose the group attribute in quotes.

In this sample configuration, the attribute that configures groups in the IdP is named "userGroups". For details on configuring other fields, see Configure User Authentication in MATLAB Online Server.

  - id: ...
      groups: "userGroups"

Deploy the updated configuration to the server by redeploying the authnz service. From the MATLAB Online Server root folder, run these commands:

./mosadm undeploy authnz
./mosadm deploy authnz

Configure MATLAB Access By Group

In each MATLAB configuration file on your server, add the allowed group information.

  • If the server has only one MATLAB configuration, in a plain-text editor, open the matlab-pool.yaml configuration file.


  • If the server has multiple MATLAB configurations, open their configuration files. These files are nested one level deeper, in a matlab-pool folder. For example:


In the resourceDefinition section of each MATLAB configuration file, in the allowedGroups field, specify the groups that can access that MATLAB configuration. For example:

  - "group1"
  - "group2*"

This configuration enables access to the following users:

  • Any user in group1

  • Any user in a group that starts with group2 (for example, group2, group2a, or group2_gpu)

The asterisk (*) is a wildcard character that represents zero or more characters. MATLAB Online Server uses the industry-standard glob pattern for specifying wildcard patterns. For details, see the Wikipedia article on glob programming.

Deploy the updated configuration to the server.

  • For a single MATLAB configuration, redeploy the matlab-pool service. For example:

    ./mosadm undeploy matlab-pool
    ./mosadm deploy matlab-pool
  • For multiple MATLAB configurations, redeploy the services in the matlab-pool folder. For example:

    ./mosadm undeploy R2024a R2024a-gpu
    ./mosadm deploy R2024a R2024a-gpu

The next time that users sign in to MATLAB Online™, they can access only the MATLAB configurations that their groups grant them access to.

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