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Cloud Capabilities

Run MATLAB® and other MathWorks® products in cloud environments

Speed up your development processes by using MATLAB and Simulink® in the cloud for on-demand access to enhanced compute resources, software tools, and reliable data storage. For example:

  • Access MATLAB and Simulink in a web browser using MATLAB Online™.

  • Connect to cloud data and other services from Amazon® Web Services (AWS®), Microsoft® Azure®, and more.

  • Scale long-running computations and simulations to CPUs, GPUs, or compute clusters in the cloud.

  • Integrate with cloud-based continuous integration systems to automate testing.

  • Deploy MATLAB and Simulink models and incorporate custom analytics into cloud-based applications without recoding into another language.

IT administrators can deploy MATLAB and Simulink in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. Additionally, MATLAB integrates with online platforms like JupyterHub and Databricks to take advantage of existing infrastructure.


Develop in Environments Hosted by MathWorks

Connect to Data and Compute Resources

Integrate MATLAB with Other Environments (for IT Administrators)

Automate Testing and Use Containers

Deploy to Production Environments