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Configure Observability in MATLAB Online Server

Observability is the ability to get an accurate understanding of the current state of a server by monitoring and analyzing server metrics. MATLAB® Online Server™ provides access to third-party observability tools that you can use to diagnose issues with the server and optimize its performance.

  • Prometheus — A monitoring system that gathers MATLAB Online Server metrics such as network traffic, pod status, and CPU, file system, and memory usage within the Kubernetes® cluster.

  • Grafana — A dashboard web application that visualizes the server metrics gathered by Prometheus® and provides usage analysis and alerting tools.

You can deploy these tools when installing MATLAB Online Server or deploy them on an already running MATLAB Online Server instance.

Enable Observability During Installation

You can enable Prometheus metrics and the Grafana® dashboard app after downloading the MATLAB Online Server package and unzipping it but before running the installation commands. In your MATLAB Online Server root folder, open the install.config file and set the DEPLOY_DASHBOARDS property to true.


Then, set any additional properties required for your server and follow the installation procedure for your environment (see Installation). With the DEPLOY_DASHBOARDS property enabled, the server enables the observability tools during installation.

Enable Observability on Existing Server

To enable observability in a MATLAB Online Server instance that is already running, first undeploy the server.

./mosadm undeploy

Then, in your MATLAB Online Server root folder, open the install.config file and set the DEPLOY_DASHBOARDS property to true.


After setting this property, copy the Helm® charts used to deploy these dashboards into your MATLAB Online Server instance. Use the mosadm copy-helm-charts command to copy all Helm charts used to configure the server, including the prometheus and grafana charts.

sudo ./mosadm copy-helm-charts
Pulling prometheus chart
Successfully pulled chart: prometheus
Pulling grafana chart
Successfully pulled chart: grafana

Generate the YAML override files (prometheus.yaml and grafana.yaml) used to configure observability. Use the mosadm generate-overrides command to generate these files.


mosadm generate-overrides overwrites any existing overrides that you customized previously and saves them to a backup folder. To restore previously customized override files, copy the backup YAML files from the serverRoot/overrides/cluster/namespace-timestamp folder to the serverRoot/overrides/cluster/namespace folder, where:

  • serverRoot, cluster, and namespace are your server root, cluster, and namespace.

  • timestamp is the time at which you generated the overrides to create the backup.

sudo ./mosadm generate-overrides
Generating file .../prometheus.yaml
Generating file .../grafana.yaml

Deploy the server using the mosadm deploy command. The output of this command displays instructions for accessing the Prometheus and Grafana applications.

./mosadm deploy

Sample Prometheus output:

Get the Prometheus server URL by running these commands in the same shell:

Sample Grafana output:

1. Get your 'admin' user password by running:

Access Observability Data

To view the Grafana dashboards for your server instance, go to the domainBase/grafana URL, where domainBase is the value of the DOMAIN_BASE property set in the install.config file. For example:

Use the instructions output by mosadm deploy to get a username and password for this page, then log in.

After you log in, click General to view the default dashboards.

  • MOS and Kubernetes — Provides visualizations of CPU, memory, and file system usage across all pods in the MATLAB Online Server Kubernetes cluster.

    MOS and Kubernetes dashboard in Grafana

  • Kubernetes Detailed Metrics — Provides tables containing detailed usage information on pods in the MATLAB Online Server Kubernetes cluster.

    Kubernetes Detailed Metrics dashboard in Grafana

For more details on adding new dashboards and analyzing dashboard data, see the Grafana documentation.

To access the Prometheus server, such as to connect the server metrics to a different dashboard application, follow the instructions output by the mosadm deploy command. You can also use these instructions to access the AlertManager and PushGateway Prometheus applications.

Customize Observability Settings

When you enable observability, MATLAB Online Server uses the default settings from Prometheus and Grafana. To customize your Prometheus and Grafana configurations, modify the fields in these YAML override files:



  • serverRoot is the root folder of your MATLAB Online Server installation. Example: matlab_online_server.

  • cluster is the name of your Kubernetes cluster. Example: matlab-online-server.

  • namespace is the Kubernetes namespace you used to deploy MATLAB Online Server. Example: mathworks.

For example, you can enable persistence for the Prometheus and Grafana servers and customize the default dashboards. For details on customizing these settings, see the Prometheus and Grafana documentation.

Disable Observability

To disable observability in MATLAB Online Server, in the install.config file for your server, set the DEPLOY_DASHBOARDS property to false.


Then, delete the prometheus.yaml and grafana.yaml override files located here:


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