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Customize MATLAB Online Login Screen

You can customize the MATLAB® Online Server™ login screen that users see when they access MATLAB Online™ from a browser. You can customize the organization name and logo.

Customize Organization Name

To customize the organization name on the login screen, first open the all.yaml file.

  • mosRootMATLAB Online Server root folder. For example: matlab_online_server.

  • cluster — Name of server cluster. For example: matlab-online-server.

  • namespace — Name of server namespace. For example: mathworks.

In the global section of all.yaml, add the organizationName field and specify your organization name as the field value. For example:

  organizationName: "MathWorks"

Customize Logo

To specify your organization logo, copy the logo file into your MATLAB Online Server installation.

  1. Rename the logo file to loginPage.logo.file.

  2. Copy the logo file to this location. If the core-ui/binary folders do not exist, create them.


Your mosRoot/overrides/cluster/namespace folder should now have a structure similar to the following:

v core-ui
    v binary

Deploy Customized Login Screen

To apply the changes, redeploy MATLAB Online Server.

./mosadm upgrade

If you updated the logo only, then you need to redeploy only the core-ui service.

./mosadm upgrade core-ui

If the server is not deployed, run this command instead.

./mosadm deploy

The next time you start MATLAB Online from MATLAB Online Server, the login screen shows your organization name and logo. To view the updated changes, you might need to clear your browser cache.

This table shows the default login screen and a customized login screen. In the customized screen, the word "at" appears below the MATLAB Online logo, followed by the customized logo. In the sign-in prompt, "your company" is replaced by the customized organization name.

Default Login ScreenSample Customized Login Screen

Default login screen with MATLAB Online Server name and logo and no customization

MATLAB Online customized login screen

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