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Update MATLAB Release on MATLAB Online Server

MathWorks® might release MATLAB® updates following the general release. An update is an incremental update to the current release. An upgrade is a change from one major release to the next.

Use this procedure to apply MATLAB release updates to a MATLAB Online Server™ instance.

  1. On a Linux® machine, download and then install the latest MATLAB update for the release of your MATLAB Online Server installation.

  2. Create a backup of the working MATLAB image. If the MATLAB update is not successful, you need the backup image to restore MATLAB in MATLAB Online Server.

    To create a backup, you can either push the MATLAB image to another repository or push it to the same repository but with a different tag. The commands shown here assume you are using Docker® as your container management tool. If you are using Podman instead, replace docker with podman in the commands.

    • You can use the following commands to save a backup of the existing MATLAB image:


      For example:

      docker tag

    • For a remote registry, run the following command also:

      For a remote registry, the two commands together might look similar to this example:
      docker tag /matlab-online-server/mos-matlab-image:1.13.0-backup
      docker push /matlab-online-server/mos-matlab-image:1.13.0-backup

  3. Use mosadm to build a new MATLAB Docker image. Run this command, replacing MATLAB-install-location with your actual MATLAB install location:

    mosadm build-matlab-image MATLAB-install-location

    This command overrides the existing MATLAB image.

  4. Use mosadm to redeploy the MATLAB Pool pod using the following commands:

    mosadm undeploy matlab-pool
    mosadm deploy matlab-pool

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