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C++ Engine API

Use the MATLAB® C++ Engine API to call MATLAB from C++ programs

The MATLAB Engine API for C++ contains functions, classes, and type definitions in the matlab::engine namespace. The API uses the MATLAB Data API for C++ to work with MATLAB data.


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matlab::engine::startMATLABStart MATLAB synchronously
matlab::engine::startMATLABAsyncStart MATLAB asynchronously
matlab::engine::connectMATLABConnect to shared MATLAB session synchronously
matlab::engine::connectMATLABAsyncConnect to shared MATLAB session asynchronously
matlab::engine::findMATLABFind shared MATLAB sessions synchronously
matlab::engine::findMATLABAsyncFind shared MATLAB sessions asynchronously
matlab::engine::terminateEngineClientFree engine resources during run time
matlab::engine::convertUTF8StringToUTF16StringConvert UTF-8 string to UTF-16 string
matlab::engine::convertUTF16StringToUTF8StringConvert UTF-16 string to UTF-8 string


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matlab::engine::MATLABEngineEvaluate MATLAB functions from C++ program
matlab::engine::FutureResultRetrieve result from asynchronous operation
matlab::engine::SharedFutureResult Retrieve result from asynchronous operation as shared future
matlab::engine::StreamBuffer Define stream buffer
matlab::engine::String Define UTF-16 string
matlab::engine::WorkspaceTypeType of MATLAB workspace