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When MATLAB Terminates Unexpectedly

If MATLAB® detects an internal error, then MATLAB displays one of two dialog boxes: the MathWorks Crash Reporter or the MathWorks Crash Analyzer. In both cases, the internal state of MATLAB is unreliable and not suitable for further use.

MathWorks Crash Reporter

The MathWorks Crash Reporter provides an easy mechanism to send any relevant crash logs to MathWorks Technical Support. If you click Send Report and provide a valid email address, then you should receive an automated message within 5 minutes. If you want help, reply to the automated message and a technical support agent will contact you.

If you do not receive an email, then you can directly contact Technical Support at

MathWorks Crash Analyzer

When MATLAB terminates unexpectedly, MATLAB locally analyzes the crash report on your machine to determine a potential cause. If there is a potential solution, MATLAB displays the MathWorks Crash Analyzer dialog box. Click View Solution to open a web page in your browser that points to the relevant MATLAB Answers™ page or MathWorks® Bug Reports database. Follow the steps in the solution. To apply a fix, you must restart MATLAB.

After viewing the solution, if you feel that it is not relevant, then click Send Report and enter reproduction steps in the window.

If you apply the fix and still experience a crash, then click Send Report or create a support case directly at

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