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Remove hidden lines from mesh plot


hidden on
hidden off


Hidden line removal draws only those lines that are not obscured by other objects in a 3-D view. The hidden function only applies to surface plot objects that have a uniform FaceColor.

hidden on turns on hidden line removal for the current mesh plot so lines in the back of a mesh are hidden by those in front. This is the default behavior.

hidden off turns off hidden line removal for the current mesh plot.

hidden toggles the hidden line removal state.

hidden(ax,...) modifies surface objects in the axes specified by ax instead of the current axes.


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Create a mesh plot of the peaks function.


By default, MATLAB® hides obscured lines from the view. Show the obscured parts of the mesh by setting the hidden line removal to off.

hidden off


When a surface graphics object has a uniform FaceColor matching the Color property of the axes, hidden off sets the FaceColor of the surface object to 'none'.

hidden on sets the FaceColor property of such surface objects to match the axes Color property (or to match that of the figure, if axes Color is 'none').

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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