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Count files in ImageDatastore labels



T = countEachLabel(imds) returns a summary table of the labels in imds and the number of files associated with each.


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Create an ImageDatastore object and label each image according to the folder it is in.

imds = imageDatastore(fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'matlab', {'demos','imagesci'}),...
'LabelSource', 'foldernames', 'FileExtensions', {'.jpg', '.png', '.tif'})
imds = 

  ImageDatastore with properties:

      Files: {
             ' ...\matlab\toolbox\matlab\demos\cloudCombined.jpg';
             ' ...\matlab\toolbox\matlab\demos\example.tif';
             ' ...\matlab\toolbox\matlab\demos\landOcean.jpg'
              ... and 5 more
     Labels: [demos; demos; demos ... and 5 more categorical]
    ReadFcn: @readDatastoreImage

List the file count for each label.

T = countEachLabel(imds)
T = 

     Label      Count
    ________    _____

    demos       6    
    imagesci    2    

Input Arguments

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Input datastore, specified as an ImageDatastore object. To create an ImageDatastore from your image data, use the imageDatastore function.

Output Arguments

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Table of label counts, returned as a two-column table containing the name of each label in imds and the number of files associated with each label.

Data Types: table

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2016a