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matlab.unittest.fixtures Package

Summary of classes in MATLAB Fixtures Interface


Fixtures ease creation of setup and teardown code. The matlab.unittest.fixtures package consists of the following customized MATLAB® fixtures.


matlab.unittest.fixtures.CurrentFolderFixtureFixture for changing current working folder
matlab.unittest.fixtures.FixtureInterface class for test fixtures
matlab.unittest.fixtures.PathFixtureFixture for adding a folder to the MATLAB path
matlab.unittest.fixtures.ProjectFixtureFixture for loading project
matlab.unittest.fixtures.SuppressedWarningsFixtureFixture to suppress display of warnings
matlab.unittest.fixtures.TemporaryFolderFixtureFixture for creating a temporary folder
matlab.unittest.fixtures.WorkingFolderFixtureFixture for creating and changing to temporary working folder
Introduced in R2013a