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Parallel for loop


parfor loopvar = initval:endval; statements; end
parfor (loopvar = initval:endval, M); statements; end


parfor loopvar = initval:endval; statements; end executes a series of MATLAB® statements for values of loopvar between initval and endval, inclusive, which specify a vector of increasing integer values. The loop runs in parallel when you have the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ or when you create a MEX function or standalone code with MATLAB Coder™. Unlike a traditional for-loop, iterations are not executed in a guaranteed order. You cannot call scripts directly in a parfor-loop. However, you can call functions that call scripts.

parfor (loopvar = initval:endval, M); statements; end executes statements in a loop using a maximum of M workers or threads, where M is a nonnegative integer.


Perform three large eigenvalue computations using three workers or cores with Parallel Computing Toolbox software:

parfor i=1:3, c(:,i) = eig(rand(1000)); end


  • If you have Parallel Computing Toolbox software, see the function reference pages for parfor and parpool for additional information.

  • If you have MATLAB Coder software, see the parfor function reference page for additional information.

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Introduced in R2008a