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Remove Trends

Remove polynomial trend from data in the Live Editor


The Remove Trends task lets you interactively remove a polynomial trend in data. The task automatically generates MATLAB® code for your live script.

Using this task, you can:

  • Choose the degree of the polynomial trend to remove from data in a workspace variable.

  • Dynamically arrange breakpoints to define piecewise segments of the data.

  • Specify continuity constraints.

  • Visualize the computed trend and data with the trend removed.

Remove Trends task in the Live Editor

Open the Task

To add the Remove Trends task to a live script in the MATLAB Live Editor:

  • On the Live Editor tab, click Task and select the Remove Trends icon .

  • In a code block in the live script, type a relevant keyword, such as remove or detrend. Select Remove Trends from the suggested command completions.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b

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