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Troubleshoot File Editing

If you see a red icon, Red octogonal icon with a white exclamation point in the middle, this indicates there is a problem with the file and it cannot be autosaved. Consult this table if you get an error message that you want to understand better.


Unsaved file found

It is possible that the file can get into a state where there are unsaved changes to a file. Some possibilities are if you:

  • Attempt to open a different file.

  • Attempt to sign out.

  • Attempt to sign in as a different user.

You can also get this message if MATLAB® Mobile™ needs to load the file from the Cloud while you are working on it due to a communication error.

MATLAB Mobile offers you a choice: discard the changes and continue with what you were trying to do, or cancel your request and go back to editing the file.

If you choose cancel, you can perform an action that will trigger an autosave (run, browse), after which you can perform the operation that originally prompted this message.

If you need additional assistance, contact Technical Support.

Unable to open fileMATLAB Mobile could not open the requested file.First, make sure the file is a MATLAB or text file. Second, verify that the file is available for use by checking your MATLAB Drive™. If you still cannot access the file, contact Technical Support.
File does not existThe file is no longer in the folder, so MATLAB Mobile cannot save the text being edited. This could happen if the file is deleted from the Cloud while it is open in MATLAB Mobile.You can choose to discard the text you were editing or you can copy the text and save it to a new file.

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