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Share Deployable Archive

After you create a deployable archive, share it with clients of MATLAB® Production Server™ by copying it to your server for hosting. In order for clients to access the deployable archive, you must have a server created and running.

The deployable archive has the name project_name.ctf. If you use the Production Server Compiler app to create a deployable archive, the archive is available in the for_redistribution folder of the deployment project. If you use the mcc command to create a deployable archive, you can specify an output folder to create the deployable archive.

For an on-premises server instance, copy the deployable archive into the auto_deploy folder of your server instance. You can add a deployable archive into the auto_deploy folder of a running server — the server monitors this folder dynamically and processes the deployable archives that are added to the auto_deploy folder.

For a server deployment on Azure® and AWS®, use the dashboard to upload and share applications. For more information, see Upload MATLAB Application and Upload MATLAB Applications.

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