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Create client programs using the RESTful API

The MATLAB® Production Server™ RESTful API consists of APIs for MATLAB function execution, APIs to retrieve server health and metrics, and an API to discover information about MATLAB functions deployed to the server.

RESTful API Reference for Server Discovery and Diagnostics

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RESTful API for MATLAB Function Execution

Execute deployed MATLAB functions using the synchronous or asynchronous request-response model.

RESTful API for Discovery and Diagnostics

Retrieve information about MATLAB functions deployed to the server, server metrics, and server health.

JSON Representation of MATLAB Data Types

Represent supported MATLAB data types in JSON.

Web-Based Tool Using RESTful API, JSON, and JavaScript

Example of a web-based bond pricing tool using RESTful API, JSON, and embedded JavaScript.

MATLAB Function Signatures in JSON

Represent MATLAB function signatures in JSON.

Troubleshooting RESTful API Errors

List of HTTP status codes and possible errors.