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Generating Ladder Diagram Code from Simulink

This example shows how to import a simple Ladder Diagram from an .L5X file (simpleController.L5X) into the Simulink® environment, and then generate Ladder Diagram (L5X) from the imported model. The Ladder Diagram .L5X file was created using RSLogix™ 5000 IDE and contains contacts and coils representing switches and motor. This figure shows the ladder structure.

  1. Use the plcladderimport function to import the ladder into Simulink.

    [mdlName,mdlLib,busScript] = plcimportladder('simpleController.L5X','OpenModel','On')
  2. The imported model contains a PLC Controller block named simpleController, followed by a Task block named MainTask, and finally a Ladder Diagram Program block named MainProgram. The model imported into Simulink has blocks that implement the functionality of the contacts and coils.

  3. Generate code for the subsystem simpleController/simpleController.

    generatedFiles = plcgeneratecode('simpleController/simpleController');
    PLC code generation successful for 'simpleController/simpleController'.
    Generated ladder files:


    You cannot generate structured text code from the Ladder Diagram blocks. The Ladder feature supports only ladder code generation.

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