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Configure and Download a Baseline with Polyspace as You Code in Visual Studio

For more efficient bug fixing, you can create a baseline using Polyspace® Access™ results. Download the baseline and use it to compare your Polyspace as You Code results and focus on new or unreviewed results.

In order to configure baseline results in Polyspace as You Code, you must have a Polyspace Access server login name and password along with an uploaded project result. The project must contain results from an analysis of the same files you are analyzing in Polyspace as You Code.

Configure Baseline

Configure a baseline using your Polyspace Access server information. Click the Configure settings to use the baseline icon icon in the Baseline pane to open your baseline options.

Select Show local findings and baseline info from the Show Baseline information dropdown. Then, enter the server URL, your login, and the path for the project for which you want to create a baseline.

Configure baseline

Download Baseline

To keep using the most up-to-date baseline information, make sure that you periodically update your baseline by downloading the latest information from Polyspace Access.

After you set your baseline preferences, Baseline not downloaded is shown in red in the Baseline pane. Click the download baseline icon Download baseline icon to download the baseline. Click this icon any time you want to update your baseline with the latest information.

 Download Baseline

Show New Findings and Compare Results

It can be more efficient to review only new results compared to the baseline.

To view only new findings, click the Configure baseline settings icon in the Baseline pane. In the Show Baseline Information menu, select Show new findings only.

 Show New Results