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Upload Examples and Open Polyspace Access Interface


To start using Polyspace® Access, upload results to the Polyspace Access database and open the web interface to view those results.

Upload Examples

Upload Results from the Command line

To upload the examples provided with your Polyspace Bug Finder™ Server™ or Polyspace Code Prover™ Server installation, from the command line, go to the polyspaceroot\polyspace and run these commands:

bin\polyspace-access -host hostname -port port^
-upload examples\cxx\Bug_Finder_Example\Module_1\BF_Result
polyspaceroot is the path to your Polyspace installation. hostname is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the machine that hosts Polyspace Access. port is the port number that you specified when starting the admin-docker-agent binary. For more information on uploading results from the command line, see Upload Results at Command Line (Polyspace Bug Finder) Upload Results at Command Line (Polyspace Code Prover).

After each command, you are prompted to enter your username and password. Enter the credentials that you use to log in to Polyspace Access.

You cannot use the command line to upload results from a Polyspace Desktop product analysis to the Polyspace Access database.

Upload Results from the Desktop Interface

To upload the demo examples provided with your Polyspace Bug Finder or Polyspace Code Prover:

  1. Open an example in the desktop interface and select the results in the Project Browser pane or switch to the Results List pane.

  2. From the menu, click Access > Upload Results. If you are prompted to log in, use your Polyspace Access credentials.

  3. In the Upload results to Polyspace Access repository window, click a folder to select an upload location, then click Upload. You can optionally rename the project.

You can also upload to the Polyspace Access database by selecting a result in the Project Browser pane and using the context menu.

You must configure the desktop interface to communicate with Polyspace Access. See Integrate Polyspace User Interface With Polyspace Access.

After you upload results to Polyspace Access:

  • If you open a local copy of the results in the Desktop interface, you cannot make changes to the Status, Severity, or comment fields.

  • To make changes to the Status, Severity, or comment fields, open the results from Polyspace Access by going to Access > Open Results.

    Once you save the changes you make to these fields in the desktop interface, the changes are reflected in the Polyspace Access web interface.

Open the Polyspace Access Web Interface

TO open the Polyspace Access interface, click Open UI in the Cluster Dashboard.

In the Cluster Admin interface, on the Cluster Dashboard window, the Open UI link appears on the Polyspace Access row.

Copy the URL from the address bar, for instance and share it with the Polyspace Access users. The URL allows users to open the Polyspace Access interface from any machine connected to the server that hosts Polyspace Access.

Once you complete the installation, close the Cluster Admin interface and stop the admin-docker-agent binary at the command line by pressing Ctrl+C. If you stop the binary before closing the interface, the app status is listed as Unknown state.

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