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Convert reflection coefficient to impedance



z = gamma2z(gamma) converts the reflection coefficient gamma to the impedance z using a reference impedance Z0 of 50 ohms.

z = gamma2z(gamma,z0) converts the reflection coefficient gamma to the impedance z by:

  • Computing the normalized impedance.

  • Multiplying the normalized impedance by the reference impedance Z0.


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Calculate impedance from given reference impedance and reflection coefficient values

z0 = 50;
gamma = 1/3;
z = gamma2z(gamma,z0)
z = 100.0000

Input Arguments

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Reflection coefficient specified as a scalar.

Reference impedance, specified in scalar as ohms.


z0 must be a positive real scalar or vector. If z0 is a vector, then the vector must be equal to the number of network parameter data points or frequency vector.

Output Arguments

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Impedance obtained from reflection coefficient, returned as z


The following equation shows this conversion:



[1] Ludwig, Reinhold, and Gene Bogdanov. RF Circuit Design: Theory and Applications. Prentice-Hall, 2009.

Version History

Introduced in R2007a