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Gap rate distance metric

Since R2023a


gapratedistance(via,frequency) calculates the maximum center-to-center (c2c) distance between the signal via and its nearest ground return via required to stay within a specified critical wavelength up to a specified maximum frequency. This metric is defined in mils. The consequences of exceeding a specified gap rate distance is described in [1].


gapratedistance(___,criticalwavelength) calculates the gap rate distance using the critical wavelength specified.


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Calculate the gap rate distance of a single-ended via at 20 GHz and a critical wavelength of 0.3.

obj = viaSingleEnded;
freq = 20e9;
cw_desired = 0.3;
ans = 80.8086

Input Arguments

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Single-ended via, specified as a viaSingleEnded object.

Frequency to calculate gap rate distance in hertz, specified as a vector.

Number of wavelengths between signal via and ground return vias at a given frequency, specified as a scalar. This metric analyzes the resonant responses in the structure.


[1] Steinberger, Telian, Tsuk, Iyer and Yanamadala, “Proper Ground Via Placement for 40+ Gbps Signaling”, DesignCon 2022, April 2022.

[2] Ramo, Whinnery and Van Duzer, Fields and Waves in Communications Electronics, third edition, section 9.3, John Wiley and Sons Inc., copyright 1994

Version History

Introduced in R2023a