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Create Complete PowerPoint Presentations

Programmatically create complete PowerPoint® presentations

You can create a complete PowerPoint presentation with the PPT API. Creating a complete presentation programmatically allow you to use different templates for the same content. To get started, see Create a Presentation Programmatically.


getMasterNamesGet names of slide masters for presentation
getLayoutNamesGet names of layouts for presentation slide master
getTableStyleNamesGet table style names for presentation
findSearch a presentation
addAdd text box, table, or picture to slide
replaceReplace text, tables, or pictures in a slide
findSearch slide for content
addAdd paragraphs to content placeholder
replaceReplace content placeholder or content
addAdd paragraph to text box
replaceReplace text box paragraphs
addAdd content to text box placeholder
replaceReplace text box placeholder content
replaceReplace table placeholder with table
replaceReplace picture placeholder with picture
pptviewOpen Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or convert it to PDF
rptviewDisplay report or presentation


mlreportgen.ppt.PresentationCreate a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation container
mlreportgen.ppt.SlidePresentation slide
mlreportgen.ppt.ContentPlaceholderPlaceholder for slide content
mlreportgen.ppt.TextBoxPlaceholderPlaceholder for slide title
mlreportgen.ppt.PicturePlaceholderPlaceholder for slide picture
mlreportgen.ppt.TablePlaceholderPlaceholder for slide table
mlreportgen.ppt.TextBoxText box
mlreportgen.ppt.ParagraphFormatted block of text (paragraph)
mlreportgen.ppt.TextText to include in a presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.ExternalLinkHyperlink to location outside of presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.InternalLinkHyperlink to a slide in a presentation (Since R2021a)
mlreportgen.ppt.PicturePicture to include in presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.TableTable in presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.TableRowTable row
mlreportgen.ppt.TableEntryTable entry
mlreportgen.ppt.ColSpecFormatting for table column
mlreportgen.ppt.ColWidthTable column width

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