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Presentation Format Basics

Specify formatting for presentation

Specify presentation formatting by using a PowerPoint® presentation template, along with PPT API format objects and properties. See Presentation Formatting Approaches.


getMasterNamesGet names of slide masters for presentation
getLayoutNamesGet names of layouts for presentation slide master
openOpen presentation
closeClose presentation
pptviewOpen Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or convert it to PDF
rptviewDisplay report or presentation


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mlreportgen.ppt.PresentationCreate a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation container
mlreportgen.ppt.SlidePresentation slide
mlreportgen.ppt.BackgroundColorBackground color of presentation element (Since R2020a)
mlreportgen.ppt.BoldBold for text object
mlreportgen.ppt.FontColorFont color
mlreportgen.ppt.FontFamilyFont family
mlreportgen.ppt.FontSizeFont size
mlreportgen.ppt.HAlignHorizontal alignment of paragraph
mlreportgen.ppt.ItalicItalic for text object
mlreportgen.ppt.StrikeStrikethrough text
mlreportgen.ppt.SubscriptSubscript text
mlreportgen.ppt.SuperscriptSuperscript text
mlreportgen.ppt.UnderlineUnderline text