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ScheduleDose object

Define drug dosing protocol


A ScheduleDose object defines a series of doses to the amount of a species during a simulation. The TargetName property defines the species that receives the dose.

Each dose can have a different amount, as defined by an amount array in the Amount property. Each dose can be given at specified times, as defined by a time array in the Time property. A rate array in the Rate property defines how fast each dose is given. At each time point in the time array, a dose is given with the corresponding amount and rate.

To use a dose object in a simulation you must add the dose object to a model object and set the Active property of the dose object to true. Set the Active property to true if you always want the dose to be applied before simulating the model.


The Active property of the ScheduleDose object will be removed in a future release. Explicitly specify a dose or an array of doses as an input argument when you simulate a model using sbiosimulate.

When there are multiple active ScheduleDdose objects on a model, and there are duplicate specifications for a property value, the simulation uses the last occurrence for the property value in the array of doses. You can find out which dose you applied last by looking at the indices of the dose objects stored on the model.


You can create a combination of bolus and infusion doses by setting the rate property of a ScheduleDose object to a vector containing zeros and non-zeros.

Constructor Summary

sbiodoseConstruct dose object

Method Summary

Methods for ScheduleDose objects

copyobjCopy SimBiology object and its children
deleteDelete SimBiology object
displayDisplay summary of SimBiology object
getGet SimBiology object properties
getTable(ScheduleDose,RepeatDose)Return data from SimBiology dose object as table
renameRename SimBiology model component and update expressions
setSet SimBiology object properties
setTable(ScheduleDose,RepeatDose)Set dosing information from table to dose object

Property Summary

Properties for ScheduleDose objects

ActiveIndicate object in use during simulation
AmountAmount of dose
AmountUnitsDose amount units
DurationParameterNameParameter specifying length of time to administer a dose
EventModeDetermine how events that change dose parameters affect in-progress dosing
LagParameterNameParameter specifying time lag for dose
NameSpecify name of object
NotesHTML text describing SimBiology object
ParentIndicate parent object
RateRate of dose
RateUnitsUnits for dose rate
TagSpecify label for SimBiology object
TargetNameSpecies receiving dose
TimeSimulation time steps or schedule dose times
TimeUnitsShow time units for dosing and simulation
TypeDisplay SimBiology object type
UserDataSpecify data to associate with object

Version History

Introduced in R2010a