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Function-Call Subsystems with Multiple Initiators

This example shows a function-call subsystem that is called by multiple different function-call initiators that are grouped by a Mux block.

Open the example model FunctionCallSubsystemMultipleInitiators.

The model contains a function-call subsystem, f, that receives a mux signal at its function-call input port. The Mux block groups function-call signals from the Stateflow charts Chart1 and Chart2 into the mux signal.

The data connection between port out1 of Chart1 and port d1 of Chart2 guarantees that Chart1 executes before Chart2.

When you create function-call subsystems with multiple callers, clearly define the relative execution order of each chart that calls f(). For example, if you remove the data connection between Chart1 and Chart2, add priorities to Chart1 and Chart2 to specify the relative execution order of these charts.

Ambiguity does not cause an error because it may be valid for specific cases. For example, if you remove all states from subsystem f and delete the line from out1 of Chart1 to d1 of Chart2, then the order in which Chart1 and Chart2 execute does not matter.

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