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Model Reference Function-Call

This example shows how to use a model reference block which is explicitly triggered by means of its function-call trigger port.

Example Requirements

During this example, Simulink® generates files in the current working directory. If you do not want to generate files in this directory, you should change the working directory to a suitable directory.

Open Example Model

If you haven't already opened it, open the example model.

Model Referenced Function-Call

This model contains three Model blocks: 500ms Counter, 1 sec Counter and Asynchronous Counter. These blocks reference the same model sldemo_mdlref_fcncall_cntr. The model blocks represent saturating counters which increment their output values by one each time they are explicitly triggered through their function-call trigger ports. The Stateflow® Chart Scheduler calls each Model block at its specified rate.

Simulate the Model

Now you can simulate the model sldemo_mdlref_fcncall and verify the behavior of the counters by examining the results displayed on the scope blocks.

Close the Model

Close the example model.